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Used by Social Media and Community managers to automate 30% to 80% of their Social Media posting

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Content is key to your success

To grow, your brand needs visibility. While Social Channels are wonderful to spread the word, maintaining LinkedIn and Twitter is time consuming and requires constant inspiration.

With Social Unicorn everything is automatic! You feed the machine with everything you have to say (lists of blog posts, quotes, stats, tips, etc.), we mix it up for you and post it automatically according to the frequency you've set. Your Social Media channels get updated with unique quality content automatically!

Ready for a Twitter & LinkedIn growth strategy?

A solution designed for Social Media & Community Managers

As a Social Media or Community Manager, you must create and schedule content, design visuals, monitor competition, analyse results, respond to comments and engage with your audience. It hardly leaves any time for creativity, yet, your followers are craving for new posts!

The Social Unicorn solves this problem by automating 30 to 80% of your Social Media content generation and posting to give you additional time to focus on engaging with your audience.

The Social Unicorn automatically generates unique quality posts to feed your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles based on content and images you created. How?

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You upload lists of content: tips, quotes, stats, ideas, etc.

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We mix everything up to create a lot of unique posts.

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We post it on Twitter & LinkedIn based on your calendar.

Concrete Examples

Series of quotes
Series of tips
Series of products
Series of statistics
Series of "bests"
Why choosing the Social Unicorn? Here are three reasons why it will make your life easier!

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Once your account configured, you don't need to do ANYTHING! The Social Unicorn works on its own and generate content for you.

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You can directly copy lists of tips from Excel or Google Sheet - no need to type everything one row at a time: copy / paste will save you hours of work!

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Select a few background images, feed the machine with quotes and stats and it will create unique images with your design and logo to complete your posts.

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